About Maggie’s Bright Side

The Cancer Club

Maggie's Bright SideWhen I was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer in September of 2015 I was swiftly ushered into a new club. The Cancer Club. It is a terrible club to be in. People who are in the club are constantly under a microscope. LIterally, that’s what a biopsy is. Then they are infused with toxic chemicals or exposed to radiation waves or parts of their body are removed. The side effects of the medicine that is given are so bad it actually makes them sick and zaps their energy. Every aspect of their lives changes. Co-pays, alternative treatments and additional comforts needed for the treatment of cancer add up quickly and you find yourself stretched in ways you never expected.

The emotional and financial impact of cancer is tremendous!

Maggie's Bright SideI remember right before I lost my hair, I went hat shopping at a boutique downtown. The store clerk recognized me, said we had mutual friends and that she followed my blog. I told her that I was buying hats because I was starting to lose my hair. Maybe they were actually having a ridiculous sale on hats or maybe this amazing human recognized that sometimes a girl just needs a break, but every hat I presented at that cash register, the clerk announced was 50% off. I bought 3 hats.

This is when The Cancer Card first occurred to me.

I was incredibly grateful that this person had offered me this substantial discount, but also I never would have bought those hats if I didn’t have stupid cancer and for that, I think I kind of deserved a discount! I want to look good, I want to feel good and having easy and affordable access to things that will help me keep my spirits up seems important.

But not just for me

I think EVERYONE who has a cancer diagnosis should have these benefits and that’s why I have developed The Cancer Card. When someone in Vermont gets diagnosed with cancer, they can apply for this card. It’s an actual Cancer Card. Once they apply they are given the card for free. Applicants must reapply yearly. Once an applicant has the card, they can use it for discounts at local stores. For instance, maybe you get 20% off organic vegetables at the local grocery store, maybe you get 30% off your pre-chemo haircut, maybe a discount on scarves and hats, maybe you get a discount at the local gym…All of the benefits would improve your health and well-being while struggling through cancer.