Lemons to Lemonade Fund

Lemons to Lemonade FundWant to sponsor Maggie’s Brightside, but don’t have a business?

Lemons to Lemonade Fund is a 501c3 used to help people with terminal cancer fulfill their dreams or bring a little sunshine where they otherwise might be in the dark. A percentage of all donations will go to the fund and will be used on a case-by-case basis for Maggie Card holders to receive funding around specific desires and needs.

Here’s how to give to the Lemons to Lemonade Fund: Donate via Paypal or mail a check to Maggie’s Brightside, PO Box 813, Richmond VT 05477 *Note: Please make all checks payable to Maggie’s Brightside. Thank you!

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Are you a Maggie Cardholder or do you know a Maggie Cardholder who could benefit from support from Lemons to Lemonade Fund?

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