Maggie’s Brightside

Living with cancer is hard enough. Let’s make it a little bit easier.

Maggie’s Bright Side is a growing national network providing those living with cancer access to discounted services and products.

Based on my successful efforts in Vermont, this network will create affordable access to discounted products and services through local affiliates. By working with local companies, those who carry a Maggie Card receive discounts on needed products and services as they battle cancer.

Who is Maggie?

I am a mother, a wife, and a social worker, and I love to look on the bright side. Imagine my surprise on September 29th, 2015 when I was forced to add Stage IV Breast Cancer Survivor to my list of descriptors. Follow me while I muddle through the highs and low of treatment, parenting, and life in general.

The Latest Word

Summer, Interrupted

This summer- well, I’m dubbing this summer, “Summer, Interrupted.” Interrupted, because I’m at the whim of this beastly cancer, and I’ve learned to plan my life in 3 month sections.

I Am From

I have a guest writer this week. I asked this author if I could publish her piece of work and after balking, she demanded I double her allowance for payment and then gave full publication rights.

The First Annual Making Lemonade

Making Lemonade really blew my socks off. I’m not going to go into the gritty details, because, well you should come and find out for yourself next time. But let’s just say we all gleaned some insight from a fine sommelier courtesy of Vermont Comedy Club.

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